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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Free Ways to Polish Your Final Draft!

 Wish Your Writing  Had Less Fewer Misteaks Mistakes? 

There are many ways to improve your writing. However, when it comes to polisinhing your final draft it can be difficult. Why? 
Quite often we are so involved with the message behind what we're writing, we can't see errors that would jump off the page at other readers. One way to polish your final draft is to read it aloud, but if we are used to making the same mistakes for years, what sounds correct to us may not be grammatically correct.
Thankfully, there's a free online app that can check grammar, spelling, punctuation and even tone!
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Grammarly Writing Support

I used to make a lot of typos in my writing, but then I discovered Grammarly a great free proofreading tool that Universities have been using for years!
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This post was proofread by the free version of  Grammarly

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  1. Do you have some favourite writing tools that you love too?